Day schools expose girls to fatigue and sexual exploitation as they walk long distances. Chores eat into their study time leading to poor academic output and school dropouts.

SI Club of Nakuru approached SI Club of Mannheim, Union of Germany which is a friendship link.

Following the Community participation model, SI Club of Nakuru identified  Konjra Mixed Day Secondary School based on need. Members paid a visit to the school to ascertain the existence and facts in terms of population of male and female students in the school and per class.

SI Club of Nakuru held a briefing meeting with the school administration and identified the beneficiaries. For purposes of ownership and participation by all stakeholders, another meeting was held with the school administration and the parents of the beneficiaries in which the three parties agreed on their roles in the project, basically;

  • Monitoring and evaluation to be carried out by SI Club of Nakuru
  • Parents of beneficiaries to pay Ksh 500 beginning year 2020 for maintenance of the bicycles
  • School administration to ensure the bicycles are kept in good functioning state at all times.
  • The school Administration shall also take part in M & E, including feedback on impact on the beneficiaries’ academic performance.

The bicycles were issued to form three girls who will be form fours (finalists) the following  year.

On completion of their studies at the end of 2020, the bicycles will be handed over to the next form four girls having been checked to ensure that they are all in good maintenance order.

To ensure the security of the bicycles,the chief of the area was approached who mobilized his team and came up with a room in the administration block within the location administrative premises where there are administration police surveillance 24 hours.We learnt that a wider community involvement is very important in the implementation of a project.To ensure sustainability of the project, a local mechanic was trained to maintain the bicycles and this is a boost to the local economy. The bicycles were assembled locally in Kisumu City and personnel from the assembly plant trained the girls on the proper riding and use of the bicycles.

"In Africa,you reduce the number of hours women and girls walk to wherever you gain there heart. This project has done just that,OUR SINCERE THANKS TO Soroptimist International Clubs of Mannheim and Nakuru"Says Veronica Atieno,a mother to a beneficiary student